At the origin of this agricultural group, Cedric and Tamara, two animal lovers with breeding in their blood. It is with passion and courage that they have been able to develop the farm from very small in 2011 to the viable structure of today. Two complementary activities as much for the management of the pastures as for the balance of the structure. The cattle workshop, the breeding of Aubracs, consists of about fifty suckling cows. The reproduction is done naturally and the herd lives essentially in the meadow. The Aubrac is a maternal cow, of average size and easy to maintain.

The breeding of saddle horses represents a few births per year, the horses grow in herds and are trained on the farm. The reproduction is done by natural breeding as well as by insemination at the veterinarian's, it depends on the chosen stallion.the activity of pension proposes several formulas, for the horses of breeding, in the retirement, in convalescence or in activity. From birth to competition, all stages are carried out on the estate.

In 2023 a brand new formula will be available! It is with an oval water walker that the Domaine du Grillot wishes to distinguish itself and propose a Balneo boarding formula. It will be particularly recommended for the passive training and the convalescence of the sport horse.

Animal welfare above all

We carry out cattle rearing operations (maintenance care, reproduction, etc.) according to health, safety and environmental standards. We guarantee you an economical, high quality and environmentally friendly production.